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Kumar C, Kohli S, Chiliveru S, Jain M, Sharan B* (2017). Complete remission of rare adenocarcinoma of the oropharynx with APCEDEN® (dendritic cell-based vaccine): a case report. Clinical Case Reports 5(10):1692-1696

Kumar C, Kohli S, Chiliveru S, Bapsy PP, Jain M, Suresh Attili VS, Mohan J, Vaid AK, Sharan B*(2017).A retrospective analysis comparing APCEDEN® Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy with Best Supportive Care in refractory cancer. Immunotherapy 9(11):889-897

Kumar C, Kohli S, Bapsy PP, Vaid AK, Jain M, Attili VS, Sharan B*(2017)Immune modulation by dendritic-cell-based cancer vaccines. J. Biosci 42(1):161-173

Bapsy PP, Sharan B*, Kumar C, Das RP, Rangarajan B, Jain M, Suresh Attili VS, Subramanian S, Aggarwal S, Srivastava M, Vaid A (2014). Open-label, multi-center, non-randomized, single-arm study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of dendritic cell immunotherapy in patients with refractory solid malignancies, on supportive care. Cytotherapy 16(2): 234-244

APCEDEN® Protocol & Clinician Handbook

Substantial remission of prostate adenocarcinoma with dendritic cell therapy APCEDEN® in combination with chemotherapy-
Chaitanya Kumar, Jasmine Bagga, Srikanth Chiliveru, Sakshi Kohli, Asmi Bharadwaj, Minish Jain, Shriram Inamdar & Bandana Sharan

Boosting Therapeutic Response By Outsmarting Tumor

Adjuvant based Immunotherapeutic Approaches to Enhance Patient Survival

Bandana Sharan (PhD), Srikanth Chiliveru (PhD), Jasmine Bagga (PhD), Sakshi Kohli (PhD), Asmi Bharadwaj (PharmD), Ashok K. Vaid (MBBS, MD, DM-Oncology), Chaitanya Kumar (MSc.)-Substantial tumor regression in prostate cancer patient with extensive skeletal metastases upon Immunotherapy (APCEDEN®)- Case report