Frontiers In The Development Of Personalised Therapies

Apac Biotech was built on the belief that our immune system is powerful enough to fight cancer from within and now with Apac’s personalised immunotherapies we plan turn the tables on cancer and fight with the cancer patients. 
Our flagship product APCEDEN® was the first Indian FDA approved immunotherapy product for the treatment of cancer. Today, our versatile research team of scientists and doctors are going deeper into creating unmatched personalised therapeutics to enhance the immune system further.


Our commitment to improve the quality of life of our cancer patients,
their families, drives us in everything we do and 
we never give up.


  • Dedicated to our patients by enhancing their immune system through APCEDEN® (Dendritic cell personalised immunotherapy product) to fight cancer.

  • Enhancing the patient’s immune system by using the patient’s own immune cells ensuring a well tolerated safety profile

The Future

  • Make APCEDEN® personalised immunotherapy available to patient’s in India and around the world

  • Enhancing the technology further to explore the uses of personalised immunotherapy in other cancer treatments.

Milestones Achieved


Dr. Jasmine Bagga

Application Scientist

Chaitanya Kumar

Associate Research Director

Dr. Bandana Sharan

Research Director

Arun Mehra

Managing Director / CEO

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