Success Stories

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Renal Cell Carcinoma

57 yr|Male|Kidney cancer with mets to lung, lymph node and bones. I was diagnosed with collecting duct carcinoma-second most common type of Kidney cancer in June 2013. Earlier in Feb 2013 I had undergone kidney transplant. PET scan revealed that disease had spread to multiple lymph nodes, lungs and bones. I was put on Chemotherapy- 4 doses of Temsirolimus (mTOR inhibitor) in June 2013, but it could not control the actively disease, PET scan post chemotherapy showed that there was an increase in size and number of Lesion. Being a Pediatric surgeon myself I was aware of the recent developments in Cancer Immunotherapy. I was also told by my oncologist that a recently concluded clinical trial in US showed promising results where Dendritic cell therapy was given adjuvantly with Sunitinib in treatment of Renal cell carcinoma and Dendritic cell therapy was available in India through APAC biotech. I received six doses of autologous Dendritic cell therapy along with Sunitinib in August 2013, post treatment follow up with PET scan showed significant reduction in the size of Lung nodule, there was also reduction in metabolic activity of bone lesion and there was no further progression of disease.

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Colon Cancer

IN Dec 2009, at the age of 66, I was diagnosed with Descending Colon cancer by the Oncologists. Immediately I was operated by the surgeons to remove the cancer tumour and was put on Nine Chemo therapy cycles. My C.T showed some improvement for the initial few months. But in January 2011 my condition started getting deteriorated. One of the renowned Oncologists from Bombay recommended me to go for Dendritic Cell Therapy as my condition was not improving I was not able to do even my normal routine work. I had weakness in general and my diet had reduced drastically. I had lost hope for life.

I started Dendritic Cell Therapy on the recommendation of doctors. I started this therapy at Apac Biotech. The six doses were administered from 2/4/11 to 29/06/11 in the presence of Doctors. Now I am feeling much better. Slowly I gained strength and now I have good appetite. I sleep comfortably and have started enjoying my life. Now I am a happy man and my attendants are also very happy.

My life changed because of Dendritic Cell Therapy. Would you also like to change your life?

Prostate Cancer

men icon In Aug 2005 I was diagnosed with Ca Prostate, Adenocarcinoma. I was suffering with high blood pressure and was on anti- hypertensive medication. My PSA was 16.7 ng/ml in Aug 2005 and I underwent TURP in Aug 2005. HPE revealed Adenocarcinoma; Gleason score-9. Although my bone scan showed no evidences of metastases but my CT Scan showed TURP cavity in prostate with normal peri prostatic fat planes.

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) received in Sept 2005 & continued for 5 weeks. Inj Zoladex started quarterly which continued till Jan 2009. I was also put on Tab Calutide 50 mg which stopped in April 2009. I was on regular follow up and my PSA was 5.71 ng /ml in 2005 and had gone up to 20.88ng/ml in 2011. My condition was very bad and continuously I was feeling weak & lethargic. I was unable to do even my normal walk.

In March 2011 my bone scan showed multiple skeletal metastases in calvariun , Rt shoulder joints, Sternum, Vertebra and multiple Ribs. Due to rising PSA level , Inj Zoladex 10.8 and tab started again in March 2011 and continued till June 2011.

I was also on Inj Taxotere (120 mg) (chemotherapy based) and I received 6 cycle of chemotherapy till July 2011. My PSA Level came down from 17.63 ng/ml to 11.03 ng/ml in July. Seeing this progress I was advised to complete 10 cycles of chemotherapy but later on my prostate didn't show any progress. Again I was restless and was hopeless.

Then I was advised for Immunotherapy and I came to Apac Biotech for Dendritic Cell Therapy. After taking 6 doses of Inj Apceden , my PSA level had gone from 8.52 ng/ml (Jan 2012 ) to 2.2ng/ml. Now I have regained my strength & vitality again and I am feeling happy. Now I can do my day -today activities like walk and other things with the same vigor as I used to do it seven years before. Now I am feeling confident and energetic. I am happy that I took the chance of going for immunotherapy which gave me a new lease of life.

When all the conventional methods failed immunotherapy changed my life.

Leiomyosarcoma Cancer

A 45 yrs old , female patient was diagnosed in 2010 with k/c/o Metastatic Leiomyosarcoma . She had gone for early hysterectomy due to fibroid (approx 20 yrs ago)

For one & half months, patient had pain in left clavicular region along with left side of thoracic cage. As the pain increased, she went for X- ray and her left clavicle revealed erosion which later on seemed to be pathological fracture.

In view of her pathological fracture, her clavicular bone biopsy was done which revealed high grade malignant mesenchymal neoplasm infiltrating of the bone and soft tissue. Immediately after that she was put on chemotherapy.

Her whole body scan done in Oct 2010 revealed increased osteoblastic activity at various sites i.e two foci in skull, in occipital bone on the left side of midline and left parietal bone, lateral end of left clavicle and medial end of right clavicle, A small focus in the head of right humerous, 3rd thoracic vertebra,, Right SI joints and greater trochanter of right femur..

But after 5th cycle she had pelvic bone fracture

Her condition was getting deteriorating and then she was referred to another Oncologist who later on referred her Dendritic Cell Therapy DCT and she came to Apac biotech for DCT. In APAC she was given 6 doses of Apceden and after that she has started feeling better as her immune system has strengthened naturally and it is evaluated as stable disease .

Now her disease is a stable kind of disease .

Prostate Cancer

I am 77 yrs old male and was diagnosed with Ca Prostate in Aug 2009 during my post stenting in 2009. My Histopathology report revealed Adenocarcinoma, Gleason (3+4). I underwent B/L Orchidectomy in nov 2009. My PSA level showed rising trend and increased to 45ng/ml.

men icon I was advised for chemotherapy but I refused for it. My bone scan showed multiple skeletal metastases. I was feeling very weak and lethargic. I was not in condition to walk properly because of pain in the legs. I was advised for Dendritic Cell Therapy in May 2012.

I came to APAC biotech for Dendritic Cell Therapy. When I came my PSA was 45 ng/ml and my disease was very unstable. I was given 6 doses of Apceden. After 5 doses my PSA level has come down to 24 ng/ml. Now my disease is very stable and I am feeling more energetic and full of life .

I would recommend this therapy more than anything else .

I was immensely benefitted by Dendritic cell therapy

Sigmoid Colon Caner

ladies icon A female patient was diagnosed with Sigmoid Colon Caner with liver Mets at the age of 42 in 2010. In due course of time she had gone very weak and her condition was deteriorating. She was given Chemotherapy twice, which deteriorated her condition further because of the complications of chemotherapy. She looked pale and tired and at the age of 42 she looked like as if she was 50 years old. She was reported with poor appetite and frequent acidity.

She was almost hopeless when one of the oncologists recommended her to go for Dendritic Cell therapy. She came to Apac Biotech in June 2011. Initially she was quite apprehensive like any other patient. She was given six doses from 30/06/11 to 09/09/11. After her first dose she started showing the symptoms of improvement. When she came for her second dose, she was quite cheerful and had a smile on her face. She was attired in nice clothes. Gradually she improved a lot symptomatically and now she is feeling quite good about herself and has developed confidence.

Dendritic Cell Therapy gave a new ray of hope to this patient and now she is leading a healthy life.